Everest Gliders – Light Weight Paramotor Specific Wings

Launched in 2019 Everest Gliders specialises in light weight class of paramotor wings, released on launch are 4 wings.

Everest Gliders

  • Windplay which is a school style ground handling wing in small sizes.
  • Oxygen, their beginner wing for those first moment of flying.
  • Cross, as the name suggests the easy going stable cross country wing for all pilots.
  • Thunderbolt, which is the more advanced wing, fast & agile.

All are light weight gliders which generally offer excellent easy launching and more feedback in flight.

everest gliders thunderbolt

Check out their website for more information: http://www.everestgliders.com


New Ozone Freeride Performance Paramotor Wing

FREERIDE – Dynamic Performance

The FREERIDE brings a new level of agility and dynamic handling to the intermediate-advanced class of PPG wings. This exciting new design delivers the legendary speed, precision, and efficiency of the OZONE VIPER series, plus the handling and agility of the OZONE SLALOM. The mission of the FREERIDE is to elevate excitement without compromising comfort and stability, and it features the dependability and ease of use that our intermediate range wings have become known for. 

Whether you are focused on competitive slalom flying, classic competition, or just carving aggressive lines, the Ozone FREERIDE is a fun and efficient high performance wing that delivers the goods.

In a range of sizes to suit all. From 15m to 23m, From 55kg to 170kg

Scorpio Reflex wing from Swing Powerplay

What swing say: Advanced PPG pilots can look forward to new levels in stability, agility and speed. SWING’s paramotor brand POWERPLAY has developed the SCORPIO, the new reflex wing, and tested it according to the most exacting of considerations. In charge of this was multiple German champion and record holder Peter Schulz, who followed every step of development extremely carefully and thus had considerable input into the development of the SCORPIO.

more info: http://www.swing.de/scorpio-en.html


New easy going beginner wing from Ozone the Spark

Ozone say: The Spark is the ideal choice for your first paramotor flights. In the beginning, paramotoring can feel complicated and cumbersome, and the Spark is designed to make your first flights as safe and simple as possible, with an incredibly easy launch and highly forgiving in-flight characteristics. Simply put, with the Spark, your PPG progression will be faster and more enjoyable.

more info : http://www.flyozone.com/paramotor/en/products/gliders/spark/info/


Devin Supertramp Paramotor Video of the PARABATIX SKY RACERS

Parabatix skyracers gets the Devin Supertramp treatment. Devin has made a name for himself travelling around the world showcasing many different sports and talents bringing the top skills of a few individuals to be seen by the world via youtube. This time it was the turn of the Parabatix Skyracers. A flying competition dreamt up by Pascal from Paramania Powergliders, the manufacturer of the GTR featured in the video with many other wings and paramotors. Devin captures the control and freedom flying a paramotor brings plus the exciting colourful side of competition. Check out his video, click like and share to your facebook walls for all to see.


If you are new to this and want to learn to fly, there are flying schools and a huge range of equipment available from all around the world.


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Paramania GTR UK prices £

Custom-Air release their UK prices for the GTR Paramanias latest Competition Reflex Paramotor wing.

Available in 18, 20, 24m and coming complete with a free 8m racing pylon.

Complete UK prices for:

Price for 18m Paramania GTR is £2750 the 20m GTR is £2800 and 24m GTR is £2880

There is a note attached to say that these price will vary with € to £ exchange rate and these prices were calculated using the current rate of 1.16

As the exchange rate improves the UK price will drop accordingly.

Link to Custom-Air Paramania GTR page

Link to FlyParamania Website

Our GTR Gallery

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Paramania Revo2 – Reflex PPG Paramotor Wing – Powered Paragliding Video

Custom Air “we love the Revo2 and so do all the paramotor pilots we have tried them with”

Paramania team pilots Emilia Plak, Dean Eldridge and Pascal Campbell-Jones flying the new Revo2 in the Dordogne, France







Get Connected : a quick review of common Carabiners

Carabiners come in many forms, from different shapes, different locks to types of materials. Below we have a quick list of strengths, weights and uses.



The AustriAlpin Powerfly.

Stainless Steel, Automatic Push Pin Operation by way of a small button at the hinge point of the gate.

Load Tested to 26kN (approx 2600kg) Each are tested to 1700kg

Weight 138 grams

Used for Paramotoring, Tandem Paragliders, Acro

Typically £20 each






Sup’Air Stainless Steel 45mm Twist-Lock

45mm Stainless Steel. 64mm long. Twist Lock Gate released by a half turn and push down.

Breaking strain > 2500 daN (25 kN = approx 2500 kg)

Weight 130 grams

Tandem and Acro Flying

Typically £20 each




Sup’Air Alloy 40mm Twist-Lock

40mm Zicral Alloy. 64mm high. 12mm diameter.

Twist Lock Gate released by two operations. slide sleeve down, then a 1/4 turn.

Breaking strain > 2000 daN (2000 kg) Individually tested to 1000 daN

Weight 72 grams. Designed for paragliding. Typically £16 each






Sup’Air Alloy 30mm Twist-Lock

30mm Zicral Alloy. 64mm high. 12mm diameter.

Twist Lock Gate released by two operations. slide sleeve down and then a 1/4 turn.

Breaking strain > 1800 daN (18 kN = approx 1800 kg) Individually tested to 1000 daN

Weight 68 grams. Designed for light weight harnesses

Typically £16 each




Charly Snaplock Paagliding Karabiner

25mm Drop forged from Titanal. Just Twist Lock Gate (no push down)

Breaking strain gate closed 3000 daN (3000 kg).. gate open 2000 daN.

Weight 76 grams. Designed for Mono or Tandem use

Replacement interval. 5 years for mono, 2 years for tandem.

Typically £18 each






Charly Pin Lock

Drop forged from titanal.

Self securing quickpins. Release by pressing button and pulling pin in opposite direction.

Breaking strain > 2500 daN (25 kN = approx 2500 kg) Individually tested to 1000 daN

Weight 80 grams. Designed for Paragliding

Typically £30 each





Charly Quick-Outs

7075 T6 Aluminium

Double button locking with additional sliding safety mechanism.

Breaking strain 40kN (4000kg) Individually tested to 20kN

Weight 200 grams.

Quick out can be used for emergency release of wing in strong winds or reserve rescue.

Typically £100 a pair




Sup’Air Connect

Woven Dyneema braid with a sewn Cordura sheath. Looped Locking strap.

Breaking Strain 25kN+ (2500kg)

Weight 12 grams

Designed light for mountain gliders.

(not for tandem or connecting reserve)

Typically £18 a pair.




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Paramania Video Series : Maillon Check Tighten and Load Test





Paramania designers and manufacture of popular wings such as the Fusion and Revo2 where they use larger than average maillons that are 3.5mm thick stainless steel with a breaking strain of 1200kg. Here we have a couple of videos to demonstrate their fitting and strength.

Load dispersion “A paraglider consisting of 8 maillons, 4 each side. With an 80kg pilot equals to 10kg per maillon. At 8g’s force that is 80kg per maillon. At full fast trim using mainly a & b risers at 8g that is still only 160kg each.”

Watch this video demonstrating a load test and the breaking strain of a Paramania maillon.


This video demonstrating the correct method of checking and tightening your maillons.



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