Beach Blast 2012 – summed up with a Video montage from some Paramania Boys with their toys


Ultimate Paramania Paramotor Van VW t4 – for sale

Emilia Plak Paramania Pilot is selling her reliable VW van.

2.5tdi 102hp 2003

Kitted out for sleeping and transporting bikes and paramotors, this ultimate ride can be your for €7000.

located in Spain and ready for adventure.

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Paramania GTR UK prices £

Custom-Air release their UK prices for the GTR Paramanias latest Competition Reflex Paramotor wing.

Available in 18, 20, 24m and coming complete with a free 8m racing pylon.

Complete UK prices for:

Price for 18m Paramania GTR is £2750 the 20m GTR is £2800 and 24m GTR is £2880

There is a note attached to say that these price will vary with € to £ exchange rate and these prices were calculated using the current rate of 1.16

As the exchange rate improves the UK price will drop accordingly.

Link to Custom-Air Paramania GTR page

Link to FlyParamania Website

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Become part of the Biggest Parmotor Film of the year – Without Borders

Paramania pilot and paramotor photographer / movie maker Glenn Tupper has set out an ambitious task to produce a world wide movie depicting exactly what is paramotoring to us all. Launched on paramotor facebook group ( his project entitled ‘Without Borders’ is calling for your video footage from 2011. The aim is to edit all the footage into one continuous movie.

We wish him the best of luck.

To Learn more and Upload your videos go to:

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Paramania Revo2 – Reflex PPG Paramotor Wing – Powered Paragliding Video

Custom Air “we love the Revo2 and so do all the paramotor pilots we have tried them with”

Paramania team pilots Emilia Plak, Dean Eldridge and Pascal Campbell-Jones flying the new Revo2 in the Dordogne, France







Paramania GTR Flying Fun and Games Video Paramania team pilots Dean Eldridge and Sylvain Moisseron take the new GTR out for a slalom in the beautiful mountains of South Eastern France close to Annecy and where Coupe Icare is held every year.

Watch the exciting action as these two pilots swoop and slingshot themselves around and over trees and bushes. Filmed with four cameras from different angles all of the time using GoPros and Sony Digital HD cameras.


The GTR is available now to advanced pilots, in sizes 18, 20 & 24m complete with an 8m racing pylon to practice with.


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Icarobatix 23rd to 25th September 2011 Parabatix Racing Display at Coupe Icare




The Parabatix Sky Racers are back! For a special edition of Parabatix called Icarobatix that will be held high in the Rhone Alps in association with the largest free flight festival in the world ‘The Coupe Icare‘ an event that attracts around 30,000 people over the weekend.
Six of the highest placed Sky Racers will battle it out in a two day Sky Race for the Icare trophy!
So come and watch this spectacular aerial extravaganza Friday (warm up), Saturday & Sunday mornings (10:30am to 12:30pm) at the top take off of St Hilaire.



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Paramania Revo2 Test Review from Paramotor Magazine

World renowned Paramotor Magazine recently published a review of the Paramania Revo2 conducted by Bob Drury. Through Paramania we have some highlights taken from his article. PM link here



The next generation of beginner reflex wing that feels like an intermediate but revo2, paramania revo 2, revo 2with EN B certification. With EN B certification the Revo2 is the first true reflex glider to bridge the vital gap of a wing that a pilot can easily learn to fly on and that first favourite glider that allows safe, fun and versatile pilot progression over several years.


To create a wing with better performance and overall usability with everything we had learned since the Revo1. We really wanted something that could be used by a wide range of pilots and especially able to be used in the schools.


Paramotor Magazine : Bobs feedback on the wing.


If you had any reservations about joining the reflex revolution because they are harder to launch, then the Revo2 will quash those fears. Pull on the Revo2’s As, and those big cell openings gulp in the air and fill the wing beautifully. I spent some time playing on the ground with the Revo2 in reverse. I was really surprised to find it as agile and controllable on the ground as a non-reflex paraglider, reacting well to control with either the Ds or the brakes.

Forward launching the Revo2 is one of the easiest experiences I’ve come across. Considering how off-putting launching a paramotor can be to new pilots, this is a real plus. I was launching it in nil wind at neutral trim, a little more than Paramania suggest is ideal for launching, and getting fast and pressured launches every time. Pulling the trimmers on, into the position Paramania suggest, is ideal for launching, and the whole process slowed down even further. Basically, if you can walk forward with your hands held high you should be able to get off the ground on the Revo2 every time.

revo2, paramania revo 2, revo 2IN THE AIR

In the air the Revo2 feels compact and solid. Flying the 26 at 125kg (it goes 80-185kg) in thermic air I was being bounced around quite a bit with the wing pitching and moving about a lot at the neutral trim I’d climbed out at. Letting the trimmers off to compensate, the Revo2 solidified like concrete setting. Add the bar and suddenly I was charging. The Revo2 is a fantastic insight into how reflex technology works. I’ve only ever had this kind of true reflex experience on much higher-level wings.

Mixing the tip braking system with the main brakes produces a much sweeter turn. But using both is complicated as a beginner. Again, that’s where the Revo2 has great mileage. You could learn on this wing and never touch the tip braking for the first year, then, as your confidence grows, start introducing it to your low level flying and high speed cruising. Suddenly, just when you were thinking you’d need to upgrade, you’d have a wing that would last you another year or more.

Landing is as easy as taking off. There’s plenty of flare without too much energy converting to lift.


Click here to View the full Paramotor Magazine published article of the Revo2


Content was drawn from FlyParamania website
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