SkySchool – Paramotor D-Day trip 17th to 24th July 2011

SkySchool MD Alex Ledger is an avid Military Historian and ever since he learned to Paramotor he has always wanted to fly over the D-Day beaches in Normandy, France… July 2010. The trip was a huge success which is why SkySchool plans to return in 2011 between the 17th and 24th July. The Trip is designed for Paramotor pilots who have either sat a SkySchool course or have a minimum of 10 hours.

Pointe du Hoc


Guiding: £50 booking fee and then €30 a day. Includes guidance, instruction and a radio. Excludes kit, fuel, oil, accommodation, flights, food etc. The pilot will need to supply their own equipment.

Guiding and Kit: £50 booking fee and then €60 a day. Includes a Paramotor, wing, reserve, helmet, headset, transport around the sites, a radio and guidance/instruction. Excludes kit, fuel, oil, accommodation, transport to France, food etc.

Other costs which are not included are transport to France, accommodation, food and insurance. All fuel and oil costs are the responsibility of each pilot however SkySchool will supply fuel cans. Pilots driving over with their own equipment should take the ferry to either Caen or Ouistreham. Some pilots may wish to share vehicles to lower costs and SkySchool will link other pilots together.


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SkyWalk E-Walk update : Electric PPG Paramotor / Launch Assist

The Skywalk E-Walk team have been busy over the winter and now have a dedicated website with more details and photos regarding their excellent “launch assist” electric paramotor

The E-Walk has an integrated, brushless high-performance motor that brings pilots quietly into the thermals! What was still a vision in the skywalk Magalog is now reality: pure electrically-powered paragliding.

The E-Walk Specs:

  • Total Weight including a reserve chute 25kg
  • Motor Power 11kw
  • 50kg Static Thrust
  • 11 min run time at FULL throttle
  • 25ah Lithium Iron Battery
  • Price €8900

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Polini Throttle for Paramotor PPG Gas Handle

New Polini Paramotor Throttle as seen here in the UK fitted to our Thor powered X-Generation PPG Paramotor.


The new throttle is light, small and fits easily in your hand. Its all plastic with a velcro strap. Big red stop button in the thumb position.

There is also the option for an electric start. It requires two buttons to be pressed at the same time as a safety feature.

Buy X-Generation from the Earth Air and Water Shop


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Paramania are dreaming of the New Action GT replacement the GTX

As you know Paramania is constantly pushing the limits with design, safety and fun wings. Constantly working to develop the best technology, to be able to create really advanced designs. Their latest project, the GTX will be launched soon enough.

Many of you have been waiting for the new performance wing to come along and Paramania has promised to create something really new, to replace the well known Action GT is not an easy task! While they work prototypes for the new GTX which has still not met the high Paramania standards.

So hold tight pilots and fans, you know when it is here it will be the biggest news to the Paramotor sport sinse the rest of the Paramania line of reflex wings.

“Thank you for the feedback and concern for bringing out new wings and to make our products better, although we might seem silent from an outside perspective at times, we are busy at work getting your new wings to you As Soon As Possible.”

Sneak peak of the prototype Paramania GTX

sneak peak prototype of the New Paramania GTX

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Beach Blast 2011 Panama City Beach Florida U.S.A Paramotor flying in paradise

Freedom Flight Center is once again proud to invite you to “The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches” and Beach Blast 2011 “Flying in Paradise”. 300 plus ppg pilots from 14 countries attended last years event and were treated to sugar white sands, and pristine gin clear water of the Gulf of Mexico.

Beach Blast 2nd to 8th May 2011

One of the many features of this unique fly in is that many pilots families also join them for Beach Blast as this is truly a resort for the entire family. Edgewater Beach Resort boasts 110 acres of accommodations including shopping, laser tag, parasailing, jet skis, fine dining, cocktail bars, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks right on premises. Many pilots commented how nice it was to take a flight and then be able to spend time with their families in the many activities and then return to the beach to fly again anytime they pleased. Vendors row was stacked with the latest and greatest of gear from major manufacturers here and abroad and pilots from major wing companies flying exhibitions for the crowds.

This year they will be holding the “Beach Blast 2011 National Comps” as Well as “Beach Blast 2011 Kiting Challenge”. Last years event produced an all time classic kiting competition that had the crowd roaring as contestants competed for cash and trophies.

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Skywalk E-Walk electric propulsion for paragliders paramotor ppg video

E-Walk, Skywalks electric paraglider propulsion system is nearing completion and should be available to buy in 2011. Why electric paraglider propulsion system, the aim of the project is to reach thermals and achieve long cross country flights.

As such, it has been designed for in-flight comfort and is built into Skywalks paraglider harness, with reserve and back protection in place.

Thrust Vector, an adjustment is made to change the angle of the prop by 45 degrees between take-off to flying. The adjustment is made by stepping on the stirrup, it assures optimum efficiency both in flight and on the ground.

Brushless motor is powered by Lithium Ion batteries and the unit has already passed the new EMV (electro-magnetic tolerance) testing criteria, a pre-condition for certification.

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73.84kph Paramotor Speed record ‘pending’ claim -pilot Dean Eldridge

It was a beautiful morning with very smooth air aloft. I took off right over the top of all the folks sleeping off their hangovers in their giant RV’s (motorhomes!) Running with the same weight as I weigh on my back through soft sand was a little challenging! The equipment performed faultlessly with maximum speed achieved at half throttle! Unfortunately I had the flu so I couldn’t carry as much weight as I would have liked, more next time!! Deano

Pilot Name – Dean Eldridge!
Time – 0700
Date – 05.02.2011
Location – Salton Sea, California (218 feet below sea level!) Paratoys event.
Motor – Parajet Cyclone 294 (standard)
Wing – Paramania Fusion 20 (competition spec)
Official Observer – Jeff Goin
Record category – Speed over Straight course 15/25km
Performance – 73.84kph (average over whole course)
Total take-off weight (pilot/wing/motor) – 157.3kgs (including 15kgs of bullets!)
Wind – nil

Dean Eldridge – Paraviation
Team Great Britain
Team Paramania
Team Parajet

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