site update has had a major website update, go check it out. Showing off the beginner Vyron, Freeride Wave Unity, explosive Psycho 4 and the Awesome unrivalled Speed 3. New boards are available a new shape in new colours the popular flyradical has been updated. Super strong and still only 2kg. Flysurfer-Kites dealer for the East Coast.

ParaKiting Paragliding and Kitesurfing and Sandboarding all in one Flysurfer Speed 3 19m – Video

Flysurfer speed 3 19m being put to good use. With a few modifications (flyingcloclo) has made himself a complete new sport. Check out the video…

Speed 3 19m

Flysurfer Speed 3 21m !!! Kitesurfing Pics Video Review

Board-Mag have a review of the huge, massive, enormous but gorgeous Flysurfer SPEED 3 in 21 meters!!! for super lightwind kitesurfing or extreme hangtime. Click the Board-Mag logo to read the review.

Dylan van der Meij in Martinique – Flysurfer Speed 3 Kitesurfing Video and teamrider Dylan van der Meij “In December 2010 my family and I went to Martinique to escape the dutch winter! Stayed there for 3 weeks!

Martinique is an island in the Caribbean and well known for their rum and countless beautiful beaches. We had a epic holiday with really nice kiting conditions, with winds between 8-16 knots I was able to ride every day!

Flysurfer Kites