Paracell PPG Electric Paramotor and Trikes upto 1h40m flying time

Paracell Electric Paramotor Company have been quietly working away on their projects and have produced a good range of electric paramotor and electric trike options.

A neat unit that incorporates a belt reduction system to a fan cooled motor.

Ad: High Powered Electric Mountain Bike 70mph+

Claiming up to 64kg thrust and up to 70 mins flying on the ppg & up to 1 hour and 40 minutes flying time on the trike model with higher battery capacity. < spanish or here for google english

Electric Paramotor News

New Modular Paramotor PPG Trike from AluFly – video

A Lightweight aluminium trike from or Google English Translation for more info.

only 7kg for the semi removable and 8.5kg for the full dismountable modular design. The trike is able to fit most of the popular paramotor designs. (check with AluFly for your specific needs)