Custom Air Conception Vittorazi Moster Titanium Paramotor under 22kg!!

Vince from Custom-Air Paramotors showing off the latest AirConception Titanium Paramotor. This Vittorazi Moster powered paramotor claims 74kg thrust yet remains a mere 21.6kg all up ready to fly weight.

Vince says its super strong titanium chassis is unmatched in the strength to weight department + the titanium reinforced 3k carbon spars are strong and super light. At 21.6kg its the lightest moster paramotor I have seen, but its not our lightest motor, for that we have another machine with 64kg thrust and it is yet another 2kg less weight.

This minimalistic design is not to everyones taste but the power to weight is sure to raise a few eyebrows.

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KobraPPG add Vittorazi Moster 185 to the line up of Paramotors

Quality Paramotor manufacturer KobraPPG have an addition to their already excellent choice of machines. The KobraPPG Vittorazi Moster fits right in the thrust line between the Venom and the Rocco. Having recently saved a kilo with a new harness design KobraPPG are weighing in well in the kilo department, now a Lite frame version to compliment the traditional HR stainless which are available in Large 140cm or XL 145cm. The Moster offers excellent power to weight ratios that other machines can only dream of. Usual KobraPPG refinements are there, underseat reserve option, rpm/h meter, 4 part stainless frame, Solid active arm, with anti torque & weight shift with secure KobraPPG fitting giving the expected excellent in-flight characteristics that KobraPPG are known for.

The KobraPPG Moster is available in 3 styles with competitive weight savings and price structures:

KobraPPG Moster Lite, 23kg, 125cm carbon prop and expected 72kg thrust. £4095

KobraPPG Moster HR, 24kg, 125cm carbon prop with 72kg thrust £4295

KobraPPG Moster HR XL, 24.5kg, 130cm carbon prop with 75kg thrust £4395

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