Paramania GTR Flying Fun and Games Video Paramania team pilots Dean Eldridge and Sylvain Moisseron take the new GTR out for a slalom in the beautiful mountains of South Eastern France close to Annecy and where Coupe Icare is held every year.

Watch the exciting action as these two pilots swoop and slingshot themselves around and over trees and bushes. Filmed with four cameras from different angles all of the time using GoPros and Sony Digital HD cameras.


The GTR is available now to advanced pilots, in sizes 18, 20 & 24m complete with an 8m racing pylon to practice with.


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Sneak Peek – KobraPPG Paramotor Wing ENJOY – PPG video

Heres an unofficial sneak peek of the KobraPPG ENJOY.

KobraPPG have been working with ITV to make what they think will be the perfect beginner and intermediate wing for paramotoring… Their design aims are for incredible launch characteristics and fast like a Reflex wing, but also really keeping it uncomplicated and safe.

The new wing to be called the ENJOY is certified EN/A which makes it one of the safest paramotor wings on the market, with a purposed semi reflex design it will suit a vast majority of pilots. From the video you can see it has a fun colour scheme keeping in with KobraPPG image.

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